Aquatic Agriland

Later, significant attention was given to the aquaculture sector, initially with the establishment of hatcheries and the construction of fish farms. The first artificial reproduction was started recently in Iraq, by following up on the experimental phase. However, the reproduction and rearing of local fish species was not carried out sufficiently, due to a lack of knowledge of the biology of the species.

The aquaculture sector developed after 1954, but was not given an importance or particular attention. It was limited by laws, codes and regulations which protected, organized and utilized the existing fishing techniques in inland waters. In 1985, hatcheries, as well as, farms for fish reproduction and rearing where built, but these farms were too small, and not suitable for commercial purposes.

In 1989, the General Board for Fish Resource Development was disbanded and became a branch under the Animal Resource Service Company.

In 2004, the General Board for Fish Resource Development restarted as an independent state Institute to assume responsibility as a scientific authority to improve fish production in Iraq, by applying fisheries and aquaculture science methodologies.

A number of developmental projects, assisting directly and indirectly the development of aquaculture and the inland fishery industry in Iraq have been carried out, for example, upgrading the central fish hatchery and laboratory at Wasit, rehabilitating fish farming sites in several areas in the country, building a functional hatchery for local fish species production and the building of operational closed recirculating systems and pilot cages.

There have also been several initiatives to restore the Mesopotamian marshes, which have offered opportunities for intervention to increase fish production by releasing fingerlings of local species, as well as, carp species. Farmers and fishermen have also been supported by means of easy loans or through the establishment of natural protectorates in the Mesopotamian marshes.

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